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Trips for New Year’s Eve 2019: Discover Tenerife


If you are planning a New Year’s Eve trip and you want to exchange a white Christmas for a sunny holiday in Tenerife, at Baobab Suites we propose two essential appointments for you to celebrate these very special dates with us

On December 25, we want to celebrate the magic of Christmas in your company with a fantastic dinner where you can choose between different options. It is the ideal time to gather family, couple or friends around the table and simply be happy. We will take care of everything. And, also, we want to say a big farewell to 2019 and welcome 2020 in a very fun and unique way, in what will presumably be a New Year’s Eve party to remember. Therefore, in addition to an exquisite dinner, we will have the best music to liven up the evening and many more surprises!

We know that you have great illusions in this New Year’s Eve trip and we want to help you to turn these holidays into one of the indelible memories of 2019. Enjoy the incredible proposals that we have thought for you with the same enthusiasm that you have put on planning your holiday. And, do not forget, if you have any questions about details or dates, do not hesitate to contact us. Will you join us?


Christmas Gala: 25 December

Our team thinks down to the smallest detail, so we have prepared two options for one of the most special nights of the year, choose the one you prefer! Both are equally spectacular, so you will not fail to choose the option you decide.

If you prefer to dine in an exclusive location while enjoying the best views of the Costa Adeje, BB Restaurant is a perfect choice. With the recent renovation of our facilities, we are sure that you will feel at home thanks to the new style we have adopted. You will have an ideal space where you will enjoy one of the most special Christmas dinners in Tenerife. The touch of perfection to a magical night can only come from the hand of our restaurant team. Our chefs have developed a unique menu that will surprise you as you spend the night. In addition, while you are having dinner, we will surprise you with some live music to make the evening more enjoyable.

The second option to spend your Christmas dinner is to join us in the family atmosphere of Bite Restaurant. This is one of the tastiest and most varied buffets you can find all over the island. Being aware that for family meals the tastes are varied and that it is complicated that a single menu sometimes does not suit all palates. Therefore, we thought that the best way to conquer the whole family is through Bite Restaurant, where we have a wide variety of cuisine.

Do not hesitate to make your reservation as soon as possible! Places are limited and very requested. You can make your reservation by calling 0034 660 897 194, or by writing to us at

New Year’s Eve Gala: 31 December

Saying goodbye to the year is not just any celebration, it is one of the dates marked in the calendar and most awaited of the year. We want to make your entry in 2020 unforgettable. What better way than to give you two irresistible options!

Just like Christmas Gala, we propose you to spend a unique evening at BB Restaurant. Enjoy the ideal gala atmosphere that the occasion requires and a menu that will delight your palate, all as a prelude to the big party. We can’t think of a better way to bid farewell to 2019 than in our exclusive restaurant, with live music and the best New Year’s Eve dinner in Tenerife South. If your New Year’s Eve trip has been with your family and you prefer an atmosphere in accordance with a menu with many more options, Bite Restaurant will be your perfect restaurant for tonight.

But the night doesn’t end here! After dinner begins the best New Year’s Eve party in the south of Tenerife enlivened by our DJ. We will toast with a great welcome cocktail, a cotillion and many more surprises! At 00:00 we will eat the grapes to welcome 2020 with the greatest of illusions.

Don’t worry if you travel with children, as we will have our nursery service available until 03:00 in the morning. You can also recharge your batteries after spending the whole night dancing with delicious churros with chocolate or settling your stomach with a tasty soup.

Reserve your place for the best New Year’s Eve dinner in Tenerife before they run out! You can contact us by phone at 660 897 194 or by email at An unforgettable night needs a dream environment to make it magical! Is there a better option than spending your New Year’s Eve trip than at Baobab Suites?

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