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Volcano and ocean; Tenerife sea caves


The inscrutable places of our island lead us to live a unique experience. Discover the Tenerife sea caves and immerse yourself in their mysteries.

At Baobab Suites we know all about the marvellous places hidden in our island, magic can be found in every corner. Now it is up to our guests and visitors to discover these new places that nature has to offer. Today we are going to explore the Tenerife sea caves and how to get to them comfortably and safely.

Before we start talking about these unusual destinations we would like to stress the importance of safety in these small expeditions. The sea of our island can be wild and unpredictable, therefore we must take extreme precautions during the visit. Also, remember to be accompanied by guides or professionals from the maritime world, wear suitable footwear and clothing and be aware of your physical abilities in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Health and safety are much more important than any selfie.

Tenerife sea caves

The Tenerife sea caves

The Tancón Cave

Poorly called a cave, it is actually a natural “Bufadero”. It is located in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, very close to the cliffs of Los Gigantes. It is a rocky complex, caused by the erosion of the sea, where water is constantly being absorbed and expelled. It is an area of great beauty where bathing is prohibited due to the danger. A natural wonder when it is calm and a real danger when the sea is rough.

Access to the cave is very close to civilisation, although this does not make it any less complicated. You have to descend through a rocky area that is quite slippery if you are not wearing the right footwear. It is not the ideal place for everyone.

Caletón Cave

These caves, caverns and tunnels are located in the municipality of La Matanza, in the north of the island. They are underwater caves that must be visited with diving equipment and a guide. It is a beautiful set of oceanic cavities full of yellow gorgonians and a multitude of local fauna.

El Caletón is the coastal area of La Matanza and is easily accessible by road, a couple of kilometres downhill from the houses of this small coastal neighbourhood. A couple of kilometres downhill will take us to the houses of this small coastal neighbourhood, where we can try our first dive before embarking on a journey through the lights and shadows of the enormous Atlantic Ocean.

La Vaca Cave

We return to the municipality of Santiago del Teide to talk about the Cueva de la Vaca. A rather curious name that is due to its appearance, not its literal meaning. The Cueva de la Vaca is actually a natural pool surrounded by volcanic rock. Rapid lava flows that formed centuries ago have created this natural beauty that is best admired at low tide.

It is very easy to access and the bathing area is much more peaceful than in El Tancón. Despite this, it is not one of the most popular natural pools on the island. It’s time to take a dip and take a beautiful photo of the sunset during your visit.

Tenerife sea

Live the special moments

At Baobab Suites we always think of perfect experiences for every type of visitor. If you are a diving lover we are sure that you will be able to find a multitude of Tenerife’s sea caves in your adventure. We propose a forty minute visit of medium difficulty with our team. This activity includes instructor, insurance, diving equipment and transport.

Experience the sea in a sustainable and multi-language way with us, leaving from the port of Las Galletas and visiting one of the most spectacular seabeds of the Canary Islands.

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