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Activate Ocean Experience: Water Sports Tenerife


We have created a new experience in our centre Activate Sports Club so that you can enjoy an incredible experience practising water sports in Tenerife.

Every month, thanks to the new Activate in the Sea service, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an aquatic experience organised by Activate Sports Club and Apnea Academy. This is a new way to get closer to water sports in Tenerife thanks to our sports and leisure centre. In this way, monthly, you can practice snorkelling, kayaking and paddle surfing in a day that promises to be amazing.

Snorkel in Tenerife




If you want to immerse yourself and know the beauty of the seabed of Tenerife, snorkelling is your activity.  During our Activate Ocean Experience, you will see a great variety of marine species and plants, a truly unforgettable experience suitable also for beginners!

This activity can be practised in various parts of the island where you can see the many marine species such as fish, cuttlefish, starfish or turtles in their natural environment. However, we propose you a getaway to La Caleta, very close to our hotel Baobab Suites, and in a very special environment.

In Tenerife, you can snorkel all year round. Our eternal spring makes both climate and water temperature ideal. The best way to practice this water sport in Tenerife is with experts who know the area and can point out the main points of interest. That’s why we propose this fun getaway with Activate Sports Club and Apnea Academy.

Kayaking in Tenerife



Kayaking in Tenerife is a very popular activity in the south of the island, as it allows you to enjoy the environment and the incredible views. This activity can be done by several points, combined with the incredible views with which to enjoy snorkelling in Tenerife, we would like you to join a walk through the cove. Border the coast of our island next to this beautiful fishing village, test your coordination, strength to paddle and, if the heat squeezes, do not hesitate to jump into the Atlantic Ocean, a dip that is worthwhile at any time of year!

Paddle surfing in Tenerife



Do you want to go for a walk by the sea? It’s possible thanks to this sport!, paddle surfing. Get on the board, take the oar and let the adventure begin. Thanks to these walks you will be able to discover nooks and crannies that very few reach or can only be accessed through the sea. But first, it’s time to gain skill and balance by getting started in this activity with the Activate Ocean Experience.



Don’t think twice! We propose a day full of fun and physical activities with your friends or family. During your holidays at Baobab Suites, don’t forget to visit Activate Sports Club! We offer you a space with outdoor classes in small groups, yoga, pilates, paddle tennis courts and classes, fitness area, physiotherapy and manual therapy, sand area with sunbeds, beach volleyball courts and playground, and the delicious selection of healthy cuisine from Fuel RestoBar & Beach Club. In addition, we have also recently added Functional Activate, we look forward to seeing you!

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