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What to pack for Tenerife, this are the keys


What to pack for Tenerife is very simple and at the same time very complicated. Let yourself be guided by the advice we are going to give you in this article.

How do I pack my suitcase when going to a tourist destination? Is it necessary to check in or is it OK to take a hand luggage? Are there big contrasts between one part of the island and another? What clothes or footwear should I take if I like outdoor activities? We will answer these and many other questions in this post on what to pack for Tenerife.

What pack for Tenerife

The climate in Tenerife

Let’s start with the essential; the climate. Before any trip we must know the climate of a place and what the weather will be like during our stay. Tenerife is a very lucky destination, the temperature remains fairly stable throughout the year and rainfall is quite scarce, mainly in the south of the island. If you were thinking of leaving room in your suitcase for a winter coat or jacket, we don’t think this is the best way to visit the islands.

Tenerife’s climate is characterised by mild summers and warm winters, with seasons such as spring and autumn playing little part. The average temperature ranges between 17 and 25 degrees centigrade, which is very pleasant all year round. Furthermore, its status as an island gives it the characteristic of the sea’s regulating function. The gentle trade winds play their part in making the Canary Islands a true paradise.

The altitude of the island also influences the temperatures. The highest point of the island is 3718 metres above sea level, so if you want to visit the Teide National Park in winter, we recommend that you take this factor into account when you leave your hotel on the beach.

Organising our wardrobe for activities

We recommend an essential item of clothing; the swimming costume or bikini. Beaches, natural pools, coves… We are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its marvellous waters. That’s why you can’t miss a large number of swimming costumes and bikinis in your travel suitcase. You can’t visit the Canary Islands and not show off great photos on the beaches of the islands. Another “must” when on holiday in Tenerife is what we know in the Canary Islands as “Cholas”. Sandals or flip flops are the perfect complement to the swimming costume mentioned before, they are inseparable for a wonderful day of sightseeing along the Canarian coast.

Another of our recommendations is to bring sports shoes. Tenerife has a multitude of trails and areas for walking in nature. From Mount Teide to the Anaga Nature Reserve, you will find wonderful spots that you should walk through with the right footwear. A pair of trainers or hiking shoes should be enough to complete your trip.

What to pack Tenerife

Summer and mid-season clothing should be the most common items in your suitcase. We recommend you bring clothes made of breathable fabrics. Humidity is quite considerable on the island and we must combat it with suitable fabrics, especially during the summer. Caps or hats can be a good complement for sunny days, which are most of the time on the island. Get your style right and you’ll get your comfort right.

Shopping centres to complete your outfit

You should always reserve a little space in your suitcase for your return trip, as on your arrival in Tenerife you will find a multitude of shops and shopping centres. You can buy some of the local fashion or find international shops of prestigious brands. Close to our hotel you will find Siam Mall, a great shopping centre in the south of the island.

Complete your wardrobe with seasonal clothes that will be a great souvenir of your trip when you return to your place of origin.

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