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Baobab Suites *****, where Freedom, independence, privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed.

Now more than ever, we want to show you our in-suite concept, in which personalization and social distancing prevail, characteristics that come together with the creation of our own “virus-free” seal.

It is also worth mentioning our Safe & Trust Quality Certificate, granted by the prestigious Spanish Luxury Association, which certifies the excellence of an establishment.

In addition to our exhaustive safety regulations, we will offer our guests a complimentary Covid-19 insurance policy, which includes: medical and health care, repatriation if needed, displacement of a relative or companion in the event of hospitalization or reimbursement for vacation not enjoyed among others so that the Baobab Suites ***** guests can relax and only worry about enjoying their stay.

What you need to know to travel to a safe destination.

Last update as of August 3, 2021

At a time when most of us do not want to take risks when choosing a hotel, at Baobab Suites we make sure that freedom, independence, privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed on your vacation. How?

Discover our new “Living My Suite” concept, including a wide range of services to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own suite.

Now more than ever
Be a Baobaber.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner services

We remind you that in order to guarantee your wellbeing and security breakfast, lunch and dinner services may be subject to change.

At this time you can choose to enjoy your breakfast a la carte service in the privacy of your suite or in our Fuel RestoBar restaurant. Lunch and dinner service will always be enjoyed at Fuel RestoBar.

Travel Assistance Policy

Turismo de Canarias subscribes a travel assistance policy that covers the quarantine of tourists in the Islands.
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Preventative Measures

In line with all sanitary precautions, we have developed our own health seal “100% CLEAN” that guarantees absolute respect for sanitary protocols in the cleaning and disinfection of all our suites and common areas and also offers the customer the guarantee that no one has entered their suite since the last disinfection. Likewise, we have develop specialized protocols for each area, always guaranteeing the safety of our employees and guests.
During your stay at Baobab Suites the only thing we want you to worry about is enjoying yourself.

General Measures

  • We can confirm that adequate and continuous training has been given to all hotel employees, in addition to continuous audits to guarantee correct compliance.
  • For safety reasons, our staff will always wear a mask, gloves and face shield.
  • We have implemented temperature taking procedures for both customers and employees.
  • Disinfection stations have been placed throughout the hotel, in addition to disinfecting rugs at each entrance.
  • We have introduced social distancing, including in the elevators.
  • Our services will be carried out prior appointment and can be enjoyed in your suite, always guaranteeing our guests safety.
  • Upon the arrival of each guest, they will be given a kit with a mask and disinfectant gel.
  • We have reduced the use of paper as much as possible, enabling a web page with all the relevant and necessary information during the stay.

Cleaning Measures

  • We will not carry out the cleaning of the room while the client is inside it.
  • We will use new gloves for each room.
  • Specialized products will be used to minimize any risk of contagion, paying special attention to points considered critical such as door handles, switches, appliances, telephone, television remote control or sinks among many others.
  • Cleaning of sofa covers, cushion covers, curtains, hangers and interior of cabinets will be carried out with a nebulizer to ensure proper disinfection.
  • All the dishes will be cleaned in the dishwasher with a program higher than 70ºC.
  • The common areas of the hotel will be cleaned daily with special products, guaranteeing their correct disinfection. Items such as gel dispensers, elevator buttons, stair railings, counters, or common restrooms will be continually reviewed by our cleaning staff.

F&B Measures

  • We have just launched our new “Living My Suite” concept, so you can enjoy our gastronomy services in your own suite.
  • Personalized restaurant service in the suite. A waiter will come to set the table and bring the food at the desired time, in addition to many other new services: Brunch en suite, Sweet Suite, Cocktail in style etc.
  • A la carte daily breakfast in suite.
  • Digitisation of menus, all of them available from the client’s mobile phone through a QR code or from the web page for clients “Living my suite”.
  • Use of gloves and mask by all our staff, both those who are in direct contact with clients and those who are not.
  • BB Beach Club & Sea View Bar will be open to the public following strict cleaning protocols several times a day, including cleaning chairs and tables every time a client leaves the establishment.

Measures at Reception

  • Check-in in suite new service available, avoiding queues and contact with other guests.
  • Option to pre-check in before arrival via mobile to speed up the process.
  • Installation of protection screens at all points of contact with the guest.
  • Disinfection of all the material that we deliver to the client (room keys, pens, etc.)
  • Disinfection of the suitcases by the bellboy before taking them to the suite.

Pool Area Measures

  • Our hammocks have been strategically placed to guarantee social distance.
  • To use the hammocks or Balinese beds in the pool area it is mandatory to use a towel. In any case, these will be cleaned three times a day by applying a disinfectant product.
    We have changed the push button of the showers for a pedal to avoid contact with the hand.
  • We have removed the “Click and Go” button to call the waiter, but we have enabled WhatsApp for contact from the hammock.

Saplings Kids’ Club Measures

  • The club will be cleaned and disinfected 3 times a day.
  • Sofas and armchairs are cleaned daily with disinfectant and nebulizer
  • The toys that the children want to use will be handed to the child who requires it, picking it up once they have finished playing with it to disinfect it with a sprayer.
  • Our monitors will develop activities that avoid contact between children.
  • All children and parents attending the club must wear a mask
  • Our Saplings team will work at all times with a mask and protective screen on, both for your safety and that of the children.
  • New service “Fun Suites” with activities and games to develop in the suite itself with our monitors, for those families who do not wish to have contact with other children.

Baobab Wellness Measures

  • Disinfection of all contact surfaces after each client (reception, manicure table, chair, dataphone, etc.)
  • Use of disposable material whenever possible. In case of using textile material, it will be washed between 60 and 90 degrees.
  • Disinfection and sterilization of all utensils between use and use as usual.
  • All treatments will be offered by prior appointment.
  • There can only be one person in the Wellness reception area (two if they are from the same family).
  • Payment by card, mobile phone or charge to the room is recommended.
  • Our staff will always use protective screens, mask and gloves.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for clients.

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