Bite. Buffet Restaurant

Breakfasts and dinners like no others

Starting and finishing the day on the right foot is one of the keys of happiness, and therefore we cannot think of a better way to start ours than with a delicious breakfast.

For morning munchies and delectable coffee, head to our laid-back, continental food plaza.

Ease into the day with a long, lingering breakfast buffet featuring a show cooking corner, plus a smoothie bar offering freshly squeezed juices.

horario - Bite. Buffet Restaurant


From 7.30am to 10.30am

From now on, you can also taste exquisite delicacies and delight yourself with our show cooking every night. Our new dinner buffet includes a wide range of fresh products including meat, fish and pasta among other. Come and try it!

horario - Bite. Buffet Restaurant


From 6.30pm to 10pm

Next to Bite. you’ll also find daily essentials such as bread, water and pastries in our handy Grab-and-Go convenience store.